Hanala Sagal

Comedy Wellness (since 1985)

Elvis & Nixon (2016)

Boat Karaoke (2018)

TRAUMALAND  (new Dark Comedy in development) adapted from my best-selling memoir depicting epic dysfunction and star-studded recovery!

Look inside the book: https://www.amazon.com/Parents-Through-Holocaust-Lousy-Tshirt/dp/1931643768

My Viral YouTube Channel

Got a call from YouTube in '07. They said “You have a million views on one of your videos!” I said “You have the wrong number.” The channel's on its way to half a billion views, with 330,000 subscribers! They didn’t call but did send a trophy. 

Promo Reel

Boat Karaoke

Like Carpool Karaoke  with a prettier view. Musical Comedy Rehab Series I host & produce because singing on yachts is a great idea. Stars share secrets by the seashore in Marina del Rey.

What's New

 I'm Hanala, Hollywood Actress, Comedy Writer, Singer, Activist, Artist, Life Coach. 

My superpower is Bouncing Back.

 I produce content for a 

better tomorrow & funnier today.

Confessions of a TV Life Coach

Sober Since the 80's!

"They can't take care of you as well as you can. 

As much as they love you, they're just not as interested."

                                                        -- Hanala Sagal 

250,000,000 Minutes Watched

Join us on the 2nd biggest search engine in the world. It's YouTube. 

I remember... walking in the sand and sending money to Bangladesh and now, they're sending money to me.

30-Year Overnight Success

I've been a TV personality, substance abuse counselor, Hollywood producer, actress, artist, comedienne, fitness instructor 

and lately, even more of an activist. #MeToo #CutByGitter

Breakthrough technology